Friday, September 4, 2020

Similarities between Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing


Maybe there are still many who are wondering what the difference between internet marketing and digital marketing is. The more curious and willing to learn, we increasingly understand which one to choose, maybe you are the one who wants to learn internet marketing? The difference between internet digital marketing

Similarities between Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing

Both of them are doing marketing (marketing) with internet media which is currently a trend. So in terms of media, it is almost the same, such as:

Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Videos like Youtube)

Both of them both use these media which are currently very effective and efficient in helping marketing work.

Then what is the difference between internet marketing and digital marketing?

Internet marketing focuses more on marketing activities that target internet users. This means that you use the internet to get customers, such as SEO and SEM.

Digital marketing uses more technology, one of which is the internet. You could say internet marketing is part of digital marketing. The process is more complex, not just focusing on attracting customers. There are times when working on a marketing strategy, such as using social media, vendors, free ebooks, webinars to attract awareness

Influencers are an example of digital marketing, not internet marketing

As I explained earlier, digital is more complex using technology. In the past, advertising to attract attention used commercials on TV. Now they are using influencers who use Instagram and Youtube technology to convey messages (marketing).

Influencers, for example, are personal or public figures who have a lot of followers or subscribers and can get the attention of the public, especially like current Instagram and Vlogger users.

Internet Marketing can also be called Digital Marketing

Technology is always changing, who knows one day the internet will innovate again because the ease of network access is everywhere. However, because digital is the technology itself, it will be more general and always up to date following the times.

The bottom line is how we can make the most of it to be able to increase business. We know that all lines of business use marketing to make profits and grow their business


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