Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The steps that must be taken in learning internet marketing.


The rapid development of the internet today can bring many advantages to various areas of life. Almost everyone today relies on technology that makes it easier, even now people have started to switch from offline shopping to online shopping.

Internet Marketing or marketing via the internet is a compulsory science that must be had, especially for those of you who will sell with an online system. To become a reliable internet marketer is not easy, it takes quite a long experience and process.

However, if you know how to learn internet marketing, it won't take you long to become a reliable internet marketer. There are several problems that novice internet marketers often face, such as determining which products to sell, not knowing how to do proper competitor research, and not knowing good marketing methods. Below are the steps that must be taken in learning internet marketing.

Product Research

In internet marketing, product research is the key. What is discussed in online business is the market's desires, not just your desires? So, if you sell a product that is trending and is needed by a lot of people, then you will likely get a big profit.

To find out about product research, the easiest way is to look at the major marketplaces in Indonesia which products are best-sellers. Another way you can do product research is to use Google Trends. Here we explain how to do the research:

Try starting by opening Google Trends, and make sure you are logged into a Gmail account.
    Then in the search box, try to enter the product keywords. Suppose you want to sell sneakers, enter the keyword "sneakers" and press enter.
    When finished, you will see a graph like the one below of the keyword "sneakers".
    Please observe the graph, if the search graph is stable it means the product searches are stable every month, but if the search graph is decreasing, it is better to look for other products that have more potential to sell.

Competition Research

After the product is obtained, the next step is to research the existing competition in the market to find out who are the competitors you will face later. From this research, you will later get an overview of your business opponents, so that at least you can keep up with or win the business competition. The easiest way to do business competition research is to look at the products that you will sell in the marketplace.

Competitor research is also useful for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of competitors so that you can also compare competitors' products and business strategies from these aspects. In determining prices, you can use the Leader Pricing system, which is to determine prices lower than the market price with minimal profits so that consumers can switch to the products you sell. This method can increase sales turnover, so you will get a big profit.

Building a Consumer Database

The next important step in doing internet marketing is to collect and build a customer database. This is useful for mapping potential consumers who will later become targets of internet marketing distribution, both content and offers. Building a content database also means building connections because basically internet marketing is not only about how products can be reached by consumers but how products can be recognized and recognized by consumers.
Choosing Internet Marketing Media

The final step is to choose internet marketing media itself. There are many choices of strategies that you can use to market the products you have. Here's the review:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the social media that has the most active users in the world today. No wonder Facebook is the most promising product marketing place. You can create a Facebook Fanpage that contains interesting content to increase branding and awareness of the business so that sales turnover can also increase. Another way, you can use Facebook Ads to advertise, where you can also determine the target market according to the products you sell.

YouTube Marketing

Today YouTube is the most visited video sharing site. Especially with the rise of cheap Internet packages, making YouTube has a lot of visitors every day. You only need to create a channel containing your product review video, business profile, or content related to your product and then upload it to YouTube. To increase viewers, you can share your videos on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Google Plus, or even use YouTube advertising services.

Website Marketing

The website is the most effective medium for carrying out online marketing strategies. In terms of sales, it can increase and be able to increase the business brand that you have. With a website, consumers can see all the products you have and see the quality of the brand, whether it is made carelessly or professionally.

SEO Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique where you can optimize search engines as a medium for your business coverage. The more your business is on the first page and ranked first in search engines, the greater the chance the audience will get to know your business. There are three main components in SEO, namely keyword research, on-page, and off-page optimization.

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Content Marketing

Content is king. You don't need to use the traditional way of doing advertising openly. If you are watching television and then seeing an ad, you will certainly dislike it and then switch to another television channel, as well as in the world of internet marketing, people will move to other websites if they find advertisements openly.

The solution is with content marketing. Marketing by utilizing content will not sell directly from the products you have but sells the value of the benefits and uses of your products by being presented in the form of articles, audio, video, and presentations.

Thus the discussion about tips on how to learn internet marketing for beginners that you can use as a reference. By using the right strategy, the profit you get will increase. After the online marketing process goes well, you also have to start doing good financial management.


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